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Fintra Beach. Still 1 – Maria Herrmann

Make better. At least – make something.

Since I have discovered the work of Blaine Hogan I am a huge fan of his art. Not only his performances like BE HERE NOW gave me an access to a new world of christian arts, but also revitalized my longing for absorbing beauty and unbribable style within the Church. (Also watch out for the amazing music by Nate Yaccino/this will destroy you — one of the side effects of the work of outstanding creative minds: you always detect something or someone new!) I reread Blaine’s book on creativity called untitled every couple of months, and I sometimes startle while doing because of the sheerness of inspiration it still has to offer to me.

Yesterday I stumbled across a tweet, which pointed out, that his online course make better starts again. Last time the course was held I was too late to register. But with some new year’s resolutions and even more old year’s reflections in mind (clever, Blaine, really clever!) it took me literally just minutes to hop on.

Well, since yesterday I am trying to make better. Or at least I attempt to make something. Since my recent experiences with the Lichtteilchen project a few weeks ago I have become more and more aware of my relived — or say: never dropped — longing for creative work and arts.

I don’t know if this is the only reason I put some of my hopes (and a bit more money) into an online course for the first time in my life. But the internet still is a great place, it actually is the reason why I have my job right now and nonetheless I got to know a lot of inspiring, challenging and kind-hearted souls. I guess this experiment is also linked with the abundance of fear, anger and rage I felt during the last couple of weeks due to social, political and personal trends and my desire to transform this tremendous energy into something positive.

So this is where I start now: Documenting the process by writing my insights and questions on medium under the tag #makebetter. Feel free to join, to ask, to criticize and to intercede. Let’s make better. Together.

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